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Autronica Launches . . .
An Interactive Fire Alarm System !

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     Once again Autronica is in the process of
presenting a breakthrough within the field of fire
alarm technology.
          Autronica is currently in the initiating phase
of introducing the very first interactive fire alarm

dot The AutroSafe SelfVerify is seamlessly
   integrated with the AutroMaster 5000 system.
dot The AutroSafe SelfVerify possesses the
   intelligence to prevent false alarms and to
   ensure the earlier possible detection of a real fire.
dot With the AutroSafe SelfVerify decentralised
    fire alarm system you can save up to 30% cabling.
dot A complete new range of interactive detectors
   and interface units for any application.
   Firedoor monitoring and control are carried out
   via interface units connected directly in the
   detector loop.
dot AutroSafe SelfVerity features SelfVerifying
   detectors which increase reliability and reduce
   maintenance costs dramstically.
dot DYFI + algoritms and detectors give faster
    response and minimise false alarms.
dot MultiSensor technology gives an environmentally
   friendly solution suitable in most applications.
dot All detectors have a build-in temperature sensor.
dot AutroAddressing gives fast commissioning,
   fewer faults and easy retrofit. AutroSafe detectors
   recognise their own addresses and setting.

A New Range Of Interactive
Fire Detectors

     The AutroSafe SelfVerify fire alarm system
offers a wide range of fire alarm detectors, manual
call-points and input / output units, - with or
without the SelfVerifiying Functions (SV-function).
Every new detector includes both a smoke chamber
for detection of smoke and a heat detection unit
which also can be used for temperature
          The new interactive MultiSensor detectors
increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs

smoke detector picture  

One of the new
smoke detectors
with detector
head removed.

           The complete range comprises: Heat
detectors, optical smoke detectors, high sensitive
smoke detectors, MultiSensor smoke/heat detctors,
manual call-points, interface units and various
addressable units.
All dectectors and other loop units can be
mixed/connected in the same loop.

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